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Janice Kruglick
6407 E Cactus Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Jacqueline Kruglick
450 S Merritt Ranch Rd
Cornville, AZ 86325


Summer Camp 2018

*** Was GREAT!  Watch for upcoming dates for

2018 Winter and 2019 Summer Camps ***

Twin Acres is pleased to present  our annual Equestrian Summer Camp. The activities will include daily riding lessons, field trips, fun lectures from guest speakers, arts & crafts, and plenty of hands on experience in all aspects of horse care and riding.

Our experienced instructors teach both English and Western disciplines in a full hour group lesson every morning. Then, campers will learn horsemanship skills taught by Jacque and Janice Kruglick.

There are camps for all ages and levels, including adults!

This is a fun morning for all camp members and an excellent introduction to showing horses. One of the goals we work towards is the Father's Day Annual Horse Show for campers to experience a real horse show! Local equestrian sponsors provide awards for horsemanship and participation. Everyone is a winner at Twin Acres!

Camp Times

AgePriceDay & TimeDatesGraduation

9 yo & under

$75 / day

Wednesdays 7am - 9am



(10yo - 18yo)

$85 / day

$160 per wk

Tues & Thurs
6am - 11am

Adults (18+)
$75 / day

Wed Eve's
6pm - 9pm


July 20th

Reserve your space NOW!

Complete & Return the Enrollment Form (below)

Come join us for the Twin Acres 2016 Summer Camp!

Enrollment Form

Photo Release Form








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