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6407 E Cactus Rd
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Twin Acres offers lessons for all ages and skill levels, from very beginner to advanced. Your instructor and horse are matched to your ability and personality in order to promote learning. Students who wish to move up into the show program or owning their own horse should let their instructor know of their goals so lessons can be designed around these goals. Helmets and boots are provided or riders may opt to purchase their own.

Students who own their own horses are encouraged to trailer in for lessons at no additional charge.

A typical lesson looks like this: Students arrive for their lessons a half hour in advance to learn how to tack up their horse. We feel that this is the most important part of the lesson as it produces horsemen and women rather than just riders. Then students ride in a private or group lesson where they can practice skills necessary for moving up to the next level. Instructors regularity check in with the students about their goals for riding, these may include riding for fun, learning to jump, or competing in their first horse show. After this lesson students take care of their horse by untacking and bathing them. Students are responsible for cleaning their tack and returning properly. At Twin Acres we strive to produce responsible, caring, and independent riders who can apply these lessons to life beyond the stable.

Lesson Fees:

  • $60 half hour private
  • $60 full hour group
  • $85 full hour private

Please note that these are ride times only. Typically, riders spend 1 1/2 to 2 hours at the barn for each lesson so that they can care for and clean up their horse and equipment.

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